Ecotherapy is an evidence-based treatment modality based on the concept of health and healing via connection to nature.

The ROCK Ecotherapies

The Ridge Outdoors Center for Kinder Living is an eco-friendly site dedicated to the pursuit of self and environmental wellness.

Ecotherapy is a broad term that applies to the treatment of mental and physical health by connecting with nature. Some people call themselves "ecotherapists" when they provide coaching, exercises geared toward increasing interaction within one's own ecosystem, or understanding its complexities better so you can live more responsibly in it.

Ecopsychologists are the new breed of therapists that you should be talking to if your mental health needs involve nature. They believe in a holistic approach and promoting environmental sustainability, which is perfect for those looking into taking their minds off things by focusing on what's around them or just need some peace of mind from time spent out there!
Ecotherapists believe that reconnecting to nature can improve physical and mental health. They encourage people of all ages, backgrounds, or lifestyles in discovering new solutions for long-standing problems like obesity by focusing on the importance of sustainable living through eco-friendly practices such as recycling instead of eating fast food every day!

Instead of using nature as a substitute for traditional mental health counseling, ecotherapists find that greenspaces and time outdoors supplement standard therapies. For example, A cognitive-behavioral therapist supporting his/her client with depression might recommend doing certain homework exercises outside or walking through part during therapy sessions.


Ecotherapy Benefits

For some, the environment is a healing force that can be harnessed to help people heal from trauma. For others, it’s just another industry like any other and they focus more on helping clients gain access outdoors or better understand their relationship with nature itself; either way you look at these things one thing's clear: The benefits of spending time in natural spaces are undeniable!

Spend some time outside and you'll be healthier for it. Spending more than just a few minutes in green spaces is linked to better mental health, reduced risks of diabetes or heart disease (or both), improved moods with less anxiety.


Ecopsychology suggests that the outdoors can help people adopt new perspectives. By getting outside and embracing nature we may be able to consider a different mindset when it comes time for critical thinking skills development!

Therapists who offer treatment in nature may help ease client stress, promote trust and ultimately expedite the process of therapy.

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