Concierge Psychotherapy, Consultation, Integration and Coaching Services

Concierge Mental Health and Coaching Services for High Net-Worth Individuals, Frequent Travelers, International Visitors.Dr. Diez offers VIP-Concierge services for individuals whose lifestyle call for non-traditional consultation modalities. (HNWI)

The Concierge program offers clinical and non-clinical consultations intended to provide unique access and expedited response to an array of psychological challenging situations.

    On Call Access (excludes psychiatric emergencies). Priority response, immediate or within hours.
    On House or at office Calls and Visits.
    On the Road / Consultations while Traveling.
    Expats and Acculturation Support.
    Family Mediation (Heirs in Conflict, Successions, Financial Disputes).
    Dating Coaching.
    Communication Coaching.
    Conflict Mediation on Site for Couples, Business Partners, Relationships at Risk.
    Holding Space: Facilitation and Psychedelics Integration at clients' sites, local or abroad.