Anxiety Treatment in NYC

Feeling anxious can be a normal experience. For instance, if we get fired from our job and can't make the rent, we'll feel anxious. However, you may be searching for a therapist nearby because you feel very anxious all too often, you tend to fear the worst, you may feel paralyzed by your fears, and want to get help.

In that case, you may not have everyday, normal anxiety caused by life's stressors. Instead, you may have some form of severe anxiety or even panic attacks. Similarly, you may experience excessive fear of particular objects, places, or situations.
In either case, you should make an appointment with a therapist or psychologist for anxiety treatment. A clinical psychologist can help with all kinds of issues, including anxiety about your health, post-traumatic stress disorder, recurring irrational thoughts from OCD, or social anxiety.
Dr. Claudia Diez has her certification through The American Board of Professional Psychology. Among other areas of specialization, she's an experienced anxiety counselor. A clinical psychologist can help with an array of mental health care for individuals, couples, and families.
She specializes in psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and accelerated experiential-dynamic psychotherapy, as well as other treatments used in clinical psychology. Her experience spans more than two decades of cross-cultural training and practice in New York City, Buenos Aires, and Córdoba, Argentina. All this has resulted in extensive experience working through a broad range of difficulties, from self-esteem and identity conflicts to mood and anxiety disturbances.

Dr. Diez's office is located in 928 Broadway, New York City. NY 10010Take the next step and make an appointment with Dr. Diez today.