Psychometric Testing: Measuring Attitude, Personality, and Intelligence

Psychometric tests measure people's personalities, abilities, and what motivates them. The idea is to remove personal opinion and cut out any bias in the results. That's one reason why these tests are successful in determining if a job candidate is a right person for the position.

Executive Coaching and leadership development benefit greatly from psychometric testing in that it helps pinpoint those individuals that meet the criteria a company is looking for in their leaders.
Once the results are in, if a candidate has executive potential, the company can implement a plan to develop their skills even further.
The test can tell you if the candidate can use abstract thinking, or has a personality that will keep resilient under pressure. These are valuable insights considering how much of an investment a company puts into its executives. Imagine the advantage you have if you know ahead of time that a candidate has a temper or wilts under pressure.
Objectivity is key to Psychometric testing to ensure it provides fair and accurate results; therefore, the test must meet three criteria: standardization, reliability, and validity. A trained professional conducts the test, then reviews and reports the results. If the test was part of an executive coaching program, the tester might also suggest follow-up workshops.
Dr. Claudia Diez is a psychologist in New York. Her experience spans more than two decades of cross-cultural training and practice in New York City, Buenos Aires, and Córdoba, Argentina. She is well-versed in Psychometric testing and uses it as one part of her executive coaching technique.
If your company wants to implement an executive coaching program—or if you're an individual seeking to build those credentials, contact Dr. Diez today to talk about how to move forward.